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Fans of Fanno Creek
Volunteers dedicated to the protection, restoration and enhancement of Fanno Creek and its tributaries.
The Fanno Creek Watershed is located in the Portland, Oregon USA area.

Englewood Park Restoration and Tree Planting
New Stuff:

Interested in learning what's going on at Oleson Road and Fanno Creek.

The new Dirksen Natural Nature Park in Tigard is anything but, based on their plan to build yet another intensively used park. Care about floodplains, let the City of Tigard know.

Exciting opportunity to help create a vision for the Fields property in Tigard.

Dr. Eric Lindstrom just published a fascinating new book on Fanno Creek called Up Fanno Creek. Fun read with a lot of interesting facts and musings about The Creek.

Fish Stories by Joe Blowers is now available here.

Fields Property Dates to be aware of. Attorney Grillo submitted the following proposed schedule:
Sept. 10th – Deadline for any new evidence submitted by any party.
Sept. 17th – An opportunity for any parties to submit rebuttal evidence to that which was just submitted. Not new evidence, but rebuttal evidence.
Sept. 24th – Any party may submit rebuttal arguments on to the rebuttal evidence that was submitted the week prior.
Oct. 8th – The staff report will be issued. It is hoped the staff report will not contain any new evidence and will only contain analysis and recommendations. If it contains new evidence, any party has the right to potentially rebut that. At this point, the City Attorney interjected “For the record, any arrangement we make, that scenario is going to play out.”
VERY IMPORTANT MEETING! - October 18th – The Planning Commission will convene for the continued public hearing and there will be no new evidence or argument and the Planning Commission will deliberate and be able to ask questions of staff and the applicant.
Link to more information here.
Link to new proposed road extension.
Outcome of the October 18 Tigard Planning Commission Meeting. The City Council may/will talk about it some more in December, stay tuned.
Another meeting to look at a proposed adjustment to the road planned through the wetlands and floodplain. The Thursday January 27 meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Tigard chamber office, 12345 S.W. Main St.
Tigard City Council hearing scheduled for February 22 has been postponed until May 24.
Attend the Tigard Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting February 22 7 pm and let them know your thoughts on important property that could should be protected using the newly passed Tigard Parks bond measure.
The Tigard council now plans to vote on the Wall Street extension at its May 24 meeting at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 13125 S.W. Hall Blvd.
Decision delayed, here's a news story with interesting timelines.
By now most everyone has probably heard the news that the Fields property is another step closer to be developed. Thousands of trees to be cut down over the next couple weeks. Concerned? Call the Tigard Mayor and Planning Commission.
Property owner Fred Fields passed away December 2011. Fields trust vows to continue with development plans. Next meeting set for September 2012.
Major news update: The City of Tigard and Metro have teamed up to make an offer to purchase the Fields property. You'll find several news articles by doing an internet search for Tigard, Metro, Fields and 2012. Very exciting! If the deal goes through it will be important to make sure it does not become 26 acres of soccer fields. Please plan on participating in the planning process when it gears up.

Native hawthorne on the left, non-native on the right...

Great knotweed site! Learn the difference between bohemian and japanese knotweed. Also, there is a new invasives web mapping application available to check out. Very cool!

Park Bauman Park SOLV event Saturday April 17 9 - noon to get rid of nasty garlic mustard. Fun had by all!. The New Seasons Market Team. Here's an artcle from the Patomac Appalachian Trail Club on garlic mustard problem on the east coast..

Raleigh Hills New Seasons Market and FANS teaming up to do planting and cleanups. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting development!

Another potential Fanno Creek disaster brewing. Rather than protecting floodplains and wetlands, and taxpayers dollars, the City of Portland plans on major pump station work, this after spending an additional $7 million dollars to rebuild the leaking sewer line down Multnomah Blvd. Does this concern you? Here's some Q&A. More info from 2008 Tribune article. And here is information from the City of Portlands website. The City contact is Stephen Sykes at 503-823-7898. The City generally is very proactive on clean air and clean water issues but this one has people scratching their heads.

A new and exciting way to learn, share and participate, a Fanno Creek blog

Drugs in the creek, status of drug waste in stream sediments
An interesting read!

Flooding on Fanno Creek. This is a normal high water event. Ask your city council why they keep allowing construction in floodplains.

Great little write-up about Fanno Creek from Wikipedia

Fresh Water Mussels in Fanno Creek, a small but important victory to protect property rights!

Important information about turtles in the Willamette Valley.

2013 National River Rally.

Another successful planting (2/3/07) at Bauman Park! Stop by and check it out, it is really coming along!

Turtle Information - Oregon has two native species of turtles, the western painted and western pond turtles. Both species are declining throughout their range due to habitat loss, roads, introduction of non-native invasive species (bullfrogs that eat turtle hatchlings) and other factors. This continued loss of turtles has led agencies, cities and local groups to form a new entity to address the long-term conservation and protection of our turtles. The Lower Willamette Valley Turtle Conservation Strategy includes the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Metro Parks and Greenspaces, City of Portland, Port of Portland, Northwest Ecological Research Institute, The Oregon Zoo, and The Pacific NW Turtle Project. We are currently drafting a conservation plan that includes ways in which to protect and enhance turtle habitat, surveys and monitoring for turtles, educational outreach (check out our website at www.willametteturtles.com), and volunteer opportunities. If you want to help, please call Sue Beilke, Director of The Pacific NW Turtle Project, at 503-330-0220.

Illicit discharges on Fanno Creek that have been happening late at night during the middle of the week. If you are paddling and see foam at the mouth of Fanno Creek, or see significant foam on lower Fanno Creek itself, please give call 503-936-7612 to get a water sample for the CWS lab to analyze.

Who ya gonna call if you see bad stuff in the creek:
Oregon Emergency Response System 1-800-452-0311
DEQ Pollution Complaint Line 503-229-5393
Clean Water Services, 503-681-3600 or 503-547-8100
City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services Spill Response Hotline 503-823-7180
For a more complete list of agencies and numbers to call, please see more contacts

Invasive Alert: giant hogweed is here. Learn what it costs you even if it isn't on your property and how to get rid of it if you see it.

Great invasive weed website. Protect your property!

One of the last pieces of property (~8 acres) on Fanno Creek could have been bought by Metro Parks and Open Spaces, Clean Water Services (USA), or the City of Tigard, but it appears that a Tigard employee has purchased the property and plans on developing it. Because the property is in the Washington Square Regional Center all floodplain and wetland protections are off the table for discussion; most of the property is floodplain and includes the confluence with Ash Creek, a salmon and steelhead bearing stream. Like Mike Burton once said, we need to stop building stupid buildings in stupid places. For public health and safety concerns lets hope that this is the wrong property. Will post information as it becomes available. UPDATE: Unfortunately, this story is true. A road has already been started in the floodplain and wetland.
December 2003/January 2004 - Here's the Public Meeting Notice (880k) and Stop Work Order (850k).
February 6, 2004 - Tigard Times article on the proposed Black Bull subdivision outling the corrupt nature of this project: February 6, 2004
February 18, 2005 - The main reason Metro did not buy this property was because they said it conflicted with Metro Transportation projects. Now Metro is thinking about allowing a road across a Greenspace acquisition at the Brown property, just south of this Ash creek property.
April 6, 2005 - Developers of the project, now called 'Refuge at Fanno Creek', presented a slightly different version from last years plan, but they still want to put the access road in floodplain and wetlands.
November 14, 2005 - Public Hearing at Tigard City Hall 7 PM; Developer is looking for approval for a plan that still has the access road in the 100 year flood plain and wetlands; Fans comments to look at other options pretty much ignored
December 12, 2005 - Continuation of Public Hearing from November 14, 2005. Developer stills plans on building the access road in floodplains and wetlands.
December 28, 2005 - The City of Tigard Hearings officer decided in favor of the developer and recommended filling floodplain and wetland so the developer can build the access road. The decision can be requested at the City of Tigard offices. Here is a picture of where the access road will be constructed. The majority of the proposed road is underwater most winters.
January 24, 2006 - Tigard Council upheld the Hearings officers decision with little discussion and voted to allow the floodplain and wetland fill.
Note: If you have knowledge that any of this information is incorrect, unclear, or incomplete, please email Fans at the email address below.
August 2007 - A sign has been posted on the property and a call was made to the real estate agent who said the property was being listed for $1.1 million. Not a bad return on an investment of $35k just a few years ago. The flyer (1.6 megs) from the realtor states "The residential component can be developed immediately", but they fail to mention the Stop Work Order may still be in effect. And tragically the proposal, referred to as Refuge at Fanno Pointe, is still an environmental and public safety mess.
September 2008 - Latest word is that the Oregon Division of State Lands caved to another wetland and floodplain filling project, claiming their rules were followed. Ironically, the Refuge at Fanno Point is being named after that which is being destroyed.
Janaury 2012 - Someone in the past few months has dumped more rock in the wetland. It appears both the main access and emergency access are completely inaccessible when Fanno Creek rises above ~400cfs at the Durham gage. This happens several times a year. If anyone can confirm or add more information to the 400 cfs observation, please send an email to info@fansoffannocreek.org.
Summer 2013 - A new owenr has purchased the property but the illegal fill is all still there. More shenanigans.

Older Stuff:

Earth Day Planting at Bauman Park April 24 9am - noon. Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3

Tree Planting Saturday January 24, 2004 at Bauman Park 9am-noon. Photo #1 Photo #2

We need to get as many people as possible asking DEQ to make major improvements in stormwater quality in this next permit. Please get involved by attending a hearing or sending a note to DEQ.
Help stop stormwater pollution – Tell your story to DEQ

Was Fanno Creek really blue on Wednesday August 6th? The Portland Golf Club allegedly used a chemical in their pond, that then got into the Creek. Clean Water Services is investigating.

Flooding on Fanno Creek in Tigard Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3 Photo #4 Photo #5

You need to know about major pollution in Fanno Creek at the old View Master site

We had fun at our 11th Annual 2002 Tree Planting festival Saturday March 2, 2002. Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3

FLASH!! Native Oregon Floater mussels (Anodonta oregonensis) found in Fanno Creek by biologist Al Smith! Click here for a picture of one of the mussels and where they were found...

Another successful planting (11/3/01), this time at Bauman Park! About 25 folks showed up to plant 600 trees and shrubs.

10th Annual 2001 Fans of Fanno Creek Tree Planting!! Pictures from the planting; can you find yourself?

9th Annual 2000 Fans of Fanno Creek Tree Planting.....GREAT WORK FOLKS!!...We had some rain and the creek came up but it was FUN!

City of Tigard Earth Day and SOLV Projects Contact Susan Koepping or 503-639-4171

Fall Tree Planting - Held Saturday October 21, 2000 at Raleighwood Park. Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3

'Fish Stories: The Historical Occurences of Salmonids in the Fanno Creek Watershed' is now available! We have a limited printing so first come first served. See info below about contacting Fans for more info.

Other Stuff:
Bridlemile Stream Stewards new website. The Stream Stewards meet the second Tuesday each month. Check em out!!!
Great river conservation site...
Great Tualatin Basin events calendar...
Find out the flow for the last 7 days/30 days in Fanno Creek at Durham Road in Tigard......
Find out the flow for the last 7 days in Fanno Creek at SW 56th in Portland......
This is where our major restoration efforts have been......
Lots of salmon related info......
Here is a great place to start learning about the Tualatin Riverkeepers or the Tualatin River Watershed Council.
How about getting access to maps?
Where the heck do those anadromous fish live anyway?
Here is a great site on environmental sustainability.

************ Fans Monthly Meeting ************
When - Second Thursday of each month, 7-9 pm (Treats provided!)
Where - The Fanno Farmhouse map, south of Hall Blvd on SW Creekside or find it on Google by clicking here
Next meeting: No meetings planned. Get involved in your community, especially the City of Tigard, which continues to beat up on floodplains, wetlands and natural areas.
Past agendas...

Contact Fans at info@fansoffannocreek.org